Plymouth- A Pilgrimage of sorts

This past weekend I visited the Pilgrims’ first landing site. I had signed up for a retreat with my college and it just so happened to be in this historic town. While it wasn’t exactly bustling with activity, it was a very quaint little area with plenty of sea-themed restaurants. If you’re someone who likes seafood, then I think you’ll like the cuisine they serve.

I stayed at Hotel 1620 which, I have to say, I found to be lovely. The rooms were spacious and cleanly kept, and the woman at the front desk was so helpful and sweet. And, don’t get me started on the food. It was amazing! (Maybe I’m biased because I’ve been eating the same college food for the past two months, but, I mean, my opinion still stands that the food was delicious.) The hotel was also a five minute walk to the beach, and I could see the ocean from the front of the hotel.


We only had about two hours to visit the town, but I felt like that was plenty of time since there wasn’t much to do (in the area I went to) other than visit the main attraction: Plymouth Rock. This famous stone was bigger than expected and about ten feet below the sidewalk. To be honest, my friend and I walked past it before our other friend called us back. It was not really publicized other than the tall sign that read Plymouth Rock. We held on to the black metal fence as we looked down into the pit of sand that was separated from the ocean and saw the acclaimed rock with “1620” carved into it. It was neat but pretty underwhelming. Unless you think of how old it is and how long it has been there for. Then it’s pretty cool.

The town itself was quite quiet, and there was not much to do other than walk by the water or go into tourist shops. Most of the places I passed were closed, presumably because the town is situated on the water so most places are probably seasonal. There was, however, a cute little shop that sold souvenirs, and it sold candy for 15 and 25 cents! I felt like I was in the 1950s. Fortuitously, I had found a quarter an hour before in the conference room of the hotel, and I ended up using it to buy my favorite candy: Hot Tamales. They also sold Tootsie Rolls, Nerds, bubble gum, chocolate coins, etc all for 15 to 25 cents, and it was amazing. I think this was one of the best parts of the trip.

On Sunday, the day we were leaving, each group went out onto the jetty and walked the length of it, looking out into the ocean. The jetty was pretty long with a wire rope on one side for those who felt like they might fall off the rocks. It was a gorgeous February day, sunny and 60 degrees with a bit of wind on the water. It was so nice that I took my jacket off and walked along in just a sweater. It was the perfect day to see the ocean and this moment was the highlight of my trip. If ever you get a chance to visit Plymouth, I highly recommend walking along the jetty and observing the serenity of nature.



Overall, it was a great weekend in which I met new people, reflected on myself and my thoughts, and explored a historic place. The town, while not terribly exciting in February, was fascinating in its history and its impact on America. It was fun to escape campus for a couple of days and stay in a nice hotel and to see the beauty of the natural world.

Ciao for now!

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