Venice Day 1: Stepping off & Sightseeing in San Servolo

For the next month, I will be in Italy learning about the culture and taking a class on literature about Venice at the International University in Venice. As a way to preserve my memories and experiences, I decided to write them down in a travel diary along with the many pictures I will invariably take.

June 4, 2017

I arrived at Marco Polo airport around 11 am Venice time feeling exhausted, gross, and sleep deprived yet nevertheless excited. I met the representative for my college outside baggage claim where I and 12 other students waited to be shuffled off into a bus that would take us to the water. Because there was a regatta on the airport canal, we had to take a bus to the water where we then got in a water taxi that drove us to the island of San Servolo. The ride over was amazing because the view of Venice from the water is incomparable. By the time I arrived at this island, it was 1:30 and now I was not only exhausted and gross, but I was also very hot. I waited in line at reception to get my room key and then headed over to the farthest building to the room at the farthest end of the building. When I got inside, I saw three beds, each with a nightstand, a long desk with a TV, and three wardrobes, along with a bathroom. I immediately tried out the shower and emerged feeling refreshed. I said hello to my new roommates, put away my clothes in the wardrobe, then subsequently fell asleep for two hours.

When I woke up, met up with one of my friends and together we walked around a bit, saw that there was a wedding reception going on, then continued on towards the room where we and the other students would be meeting with our professors. Once there at 6 o’clock, everyone filled out some necessary paperwork, handed in important documents, and got to know the people around them. Around 7 pm, we all headed down to an airy room that opened into a courtyard and had an amazing view of the water through the windows. Here we spread out over four tables and ate our dinner. This meal was set up along a long table where you could choose from cod, octopus, stuffed pepper, risotto, eggplant with sauce in a cup, fruits, breads, and an ice bucket filled with different kinds of wine and drinks. There was green apple juice laid on the table in a clear bucket that looked really pretty. Everything not only looked great, it also tasted delicious. When  the meal was over, I took a walk around the grounds then headed back to my room where I eventually fell soundly asleep after a long but rewarding day.




Ciao for now!

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