Venice Day 3- Churches, Canals, & Cantina do Spade

June 6, 2017 – Tuesday

As usual, I started the day by waking up around eight and heading to breakfast for 8:30. I had my usual (or as usual as the past 2 days has been) breakfast of scrambled eggs, Italian bread with ham, and a double espresso. Our group made it to class for 9, and we discussed Joseph Brodsky’s Watermark in depth. In the most simplistic way possible (since we spent 3 hours talking about it, which was too little time), one of the main points was that the book is a love letter to Venice written through beautiful language and imagery.

After class, I got lunch with a few of the girls from class and we had an in depth discussion on what love is and whether or not all love is selfish. It was collegiate in the most cliche way, but it was philosophical and a fun way to pass a couple hours. When we finished lunch, a group of maybe 10 of us took the vaporetto to the San Marco stop and got off to explore the city more, but it was so crowded at the San Marco stop that 3 of the girls were left behind. So, when we arrived at our destination we waited for the others to catch up, and in that time we made reservations for dinner at a great restaurant I found in my guidebook (Frommer’s Venice Day by Day).  We started off going to the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (a beautiful church) where we just went and quietly observed the elegance and history. I did not know that we would be visiting a church, so I was wearing jean shorts (they’re from h&m with adorable cacti on them) and was made to cover them with a piece of stiff red cloth that I transformed into a skirt.

Later on, around 6 pm, we walked down to the restaurant to see if we could be seated early, but we weren’t able to. Instead, we walked around by the Grand Canal and took photos of the surrounding area. There was one building across the canal from us that had giant white hands coming out of the water and grasping at a building. I think it was part of an art display, but it was a cool sight to see. Finally at 7 pm, we made it to dinner at La Cantina do Spade, one of the oldest restaurants in Venice that is over 500 years old. We shared a platter of chicetti between 6 of us, and I ordered a side salad because I felt the need for vegetables. For the table, we ordered 1 liter of the house white wine and 1 liter of the house red wine, which was perfect for the 10 of us to share. At the end of the meal, four of us decided to get 2 orders of tirmasu and share. I have to say that normally I’m not a tiramisu type of person, but this was so light and delicious that I couldn’t put my fork down.

By the time we left the restaurant it was around 9pm and we were pretty tired. So we hopped on the first vaporetto (which gave us an amazing view of the Rialto Bridge lit up in the dark) that would take us back to the San Marco vaporetto stop where we then had to switch vaporettos in order to arrive back at San Servolo. By the time we got back it was around 11pm and I was ready for bed. I took a quick shower when I got back to the room and then went to sleep ready for whatever the next day would bring.






This is me on the Rialto Bridge on Monday

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