Venice Day 5: Movies, Munching, and Meandering

June 8, 2017 Thursday

I began the day with my usual scrambled eggs, bread and meat, and espresso, then I scrambled to class for 9 am. Because it was Thursday, we were watching a movie. Before the movie began, my friend Iulia gave a short presentation on some key features of the film that we should pay attention to and how the movie related to our time in Venice. We watched the film, “Summertime” (1955) which had Katharine Hepburn as the main role. It was a great film that elicited both laughter and sadness and that had an ending I couldn’t quite decide if I was satisfied with. When it was over, we discussed some of the symbolic and important parts of it and then dispersed for the day. (This was also the last class of the week.)

Most of us just relaxed on San Servolo for the afternoon by grabbing some lunch, chatting, and reading until around 6. That was when we caught the vaporetto and pretty much everyone from our class, along with some others from another class, went together to have dinner. We found a fantastic little wine bar that served all 13 of us by combining three or four tables together in the back. The atmosphere was great, it was a place right by the water on the other side of the island, and I was with a fantastic group of people. The meal was delicious as well. Six of us split I think two pizzas, and I had an amazing gin and tonic that had a sort of herbal taste to it.

After dinner, we went to the casino because we had heard from someone that there was a kind of dance event going on, so we thought we’d check it out. But, when we got there, granted around 9 pm, it was more like a garden party with people more dressed up than we were. So instead of staying, we just took some photos then left. I think if we had stayed later it probably would have picked up a bit more but at the time we were just a little uncomfortable being such a large group in that kind of atmosphere.

We then decided to go to a jazz bar. But when we got there, it seemed as though the waitstaff did not want us there because of how large our group was. It was a strange place too, the jazz was coming from TV screens and there were tons of bras hanging from the ceiling. So we decided to leave. By this point in the night it was around 10:15 pm I think.

We made our way through the city and ended up by the Rialto Bridge where we saw a grocery store. Some people went in and bought a couple bottles of wine and some limoncello; I waited outside with some others. After that, we walked towards Piazza San Marco and sat down on the stairs by the stores just taking in the beauty of the Piazza at night and having various conversations amongst ourselves. Before it got too late though, we wanted to catch the 11:30 vaporetto back to San Servolo.

When we arrived back at our island, some people went to bed while the rest of us sat down at a long table outside. We drank some wine and talked for an hour or so about many different things. It was a wonderful time because we were out under the stars laughing and chatting and sort of getting to know each other. Probably around 12:30 or so, we all headed off to our respective buildings and went to bed.



Ciao for now!


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