Venice Day 10: Pasta Dinners and Night Time Strolls

June 13, 2017 Tuesday

I woke up late around 8:20 and hurriedly got ready for the day. I walked to breakfast alone and had my usual meal. When I got to the restaurant, I didn’t see anyone I knew so I initially sat alone. But about two minutes later I looked up and through the glass of the window I saw Iulia and Adriana who I subsequently went to join. I ate for another five minutes before we rushed to class where the discussion was on Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. During the 15 minute break, I walked down to the cafe and ordered an espresso then joined some of the others at a table to chat.

After class some people went off to have their own adventures. I and some others stayed on San Servolo for some much needed rest and to get a lot of work done. The plan was to meet up with essentially everyone in our class later on in the night and get dinner and drinks together. It’s nice because the rest of the week we’re usually all off in separate groups doing our own things.

Around eight o’clock, we took the vaporetto into the main city and made our way to Dosoduro. It was a nice walk under the clear sky that was slowly beginning to darken. At the restaurant (I wish I could remember the name of it because it was great), we met up with some of the kids from the other class and proceeded to order our classic Italian food. The portions were pretty big, so one of my friends and I decided to split the pasta with fish, and the staff were kind of enough to bring it out to us in two separate bowls. It was a fantastic meal with great food and lots of laughter. We sat outside and it was beautiful to look around at the restaurant at dusk. As is the custom, the waiters came around to ask if anyone would like any coffee or dessert. I and some others ordered espressos. One of my favorite moments of the night was when the waiter brought out the espressos on a tray, and when he went to place it down in front of the guy across from me, he pretended to spill the espresso all over him. We all laughed hysterically when we saw that the cup was empty and attached to a string. That was in essence the way we had been treated all night by the staff; they were genial, accommodating, and overall almost like friends. When we left, they waved us off and offered us some candy for the road.

We then headed to the Rialto area where we took in the view from the bridge at night. When we decided to go back, some of us stopped in Piazza San Marco to wait for the next vaporetto in a scene of beauty. We sat on the steps talking, laughing, and viewing the activity of San Marco’s at night until it was time to go back.




Ciao for now!

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