Feeling like Cinderella at the Ball- Makeup and Outfit

Last night I went to a ball organized by my university at the Westin Copley in Boston. It was the first time I went to one of these parties and I have to say, it was so much fun! But what was really exciting was putting on a beautiful dress, curling my hair, and most of all doing my makeup. There are so few opportunities to get dolled up in college that this was exciting. My friends and I spent a couple hours trying to look our best, and the finished product did not disappoint.

I thought I would do a blog post on my outfit and my makeup for anyone out there looking to get all glam for a night out. So, without further ado, here it is…


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My dress is from Express and I’ve actually had it since I was a sophomore in high school. I bought it when I went to New York City for my 16th birthday and I absolutely fell in love with the color. The blue makes my eyes pop, and it ended up glowing in the fluorescent lights last night. Plus, it’s pretty comfortable and the skirt twirls when I spin on the dance floor. The belt my mom bought me at Francesca’s I think last year, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It can turn a casual outfit into an elegant one with just the snap of a button.

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I did not have a lot of dressy shoes at school with me because, well, I don’t have many opportunities to wear them. However, I recently went to Primark and I found these beautiful heeled sandals for less than $20, so of course I had to buy them. They ended up going perfectly with my dress and they were pretty comfortable to dance in. The only problem I had was that it started snowing and the open toed shoes let my toes freeze!



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I started off with Simple replenishing moisturizer which I absolutely love. It makes my skin feel incredibly hydrated and it goes on so smoothly.

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For my foundation, I used Maybelline FIT me foundation in the shade Ivory (115). It is matte and does a great job of covering the redness on my skin.

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I have a bit of a cold, so my nose is a little red from all the times I’ve blown my nose into a tissue. Because of this, I used Maybelline Master Conceal concealer to hide the redness and add a perfect finish to my skin. I like this concealer because it also gets rid of my under-eye circles and disappears my blemishes as well. I use the shade light (20).


For my cheeks, I used Mary Kay Kind Heart blush because it’s more than just a blush. It’s shimmery so it also doubles as a bit of a highlighter. It accentuated my cheek bones and brought some color to my face.



To get long luscious lashes for the ball, I obviously used my Better than Sex mascara from Too Faced. It makes my lashes look fake because they are so long.

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My favorite eyeliner is the Sephora colorful wink-it liner because it makes putting on liquid liner SO easy. It also allows me to get a beautiful winged look without the mess of having to do it six times trying to get it right.

I wanted to add a party element to this eye look, so I used Sephora retractable eyeliner in sparkly silver. This gave my eye a bright look that said “I’m here to party.” Plus, it looked great on top of the dark black eyeliner I had on.

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Now for the smoky eyeshadow look. I’m the first to admit that my eyeshadow skills are pretty average. However, I decided to try and spice it up for the ball last night. I used the Smashbox Double Exposure palette. Because my dress was a light blue, I opted for the shade Silver (which was more of a light purple/blue than a silver) for the lid of the eye. For the inner corner, I chose Blanc to brighten it up. And for the crease and outer edge of my eye I used Midnight. I have to say, I think it looked really nice.


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The lipstick I used, I absolutely adore. I’m almost out of it that is how much I use it. The lipstick is from Anthropologie in the color Scarlet and let me tell you it is a gorgeous red. It also lasts SO long. I put it on around 8:30 pm and it stayed on until  I came back around 1 am. Besides the fact that it lasted that long, it also stayed on through all of the food I ate and the many cups of water I consumed. Overall, a fabulous lipstick.

That is all for my party look, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. As I have previously stated on my blog, I am not a makeup expert. I get my knowledge from YouTube videos and online tutorials just like most people. But I find it fun to experiment with makeup and create a whole new look for various occasions. Thanks for reading and leave a comment below with some of your fave makeup products, I’m always looking for new things to try! 🙂

Ciao for now!


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