About Me

Hi there! I’m Alexandra and this blog is my way of showing the world my thoughts and experiences. I’m a college student writing about the things I love and the exciting moments of my life. I’m lucky enough to travel to some amazing places and my blog is the place I write about them and post the beautiful photos. I also write about books because I absolutely love reading, and I hope to one day become an author. I try to post on Sundays because that is the day I do a lot of my homework, so writing this blog is a nice respite. I love this blog because it is a chance for me to write about the things I love and for people to see and (hopefully) enjoy what I have to say and show. I’ll end by saying that I love puns and bad jokes, and I tend to make a lot of them in my writing. I hope you’ve gotten to know me a little bit better and enjoy my blog! 🙂


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